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10 x 1mtr Cable Access Kit Puller Rods 


Complete set with the widest range of uses,ideal for electronics,interchangeable soldering tips,includes 10g electronic solder and soldering tip

Simple automotive 3V to 30V DC voltage tester
Buzzer & light indication of DC voltage
Large heavy duty crocodile clip
Sharp stainless steel tip penetrates fine & heavy wire 
Solid state circuitry
Coiled lead stretches to 1.5m



DIY Sparkrite car alarm system with flashing led warning. The remote control car alarm is activated by external contact and door opening. The car alarm is easy to install and comes with window warning stickers. Activation On Door Open Yes/Activation On Ignition Key Turning No/Activation On Impact To Vehicle Yes/Activation On Courtesy Light Switch On/ No



miscellaneous items

10m. Draw Tape with strong, brass head.Used for pulling electrical cables through steel or plastic conduits

Only tools and essentials,one off items




Conduit Draw Tape

Sparkrite SR75 Car Alarm

Stanley 9mtr chalk line & blue chalk powder



Mini Desk and Book light (Blue)

Cool miniature desk lamp
Pivots and extends just like a real lamp
Integral clip for attaching to books for reading
Requires 3x LR44 batteries
Dimensions (HxW): 11x4cm
Sold individually colour may vary (Black, White or Blue)

Parkside Soldering Iron

15 watts

TENMA 3V to 30V DC voltage tester


Image result for tenma automotive voltage tester

This cable access 1 metre pack is ideal for gaining access to cable under floorboards, ceiling ducts, trunking and wall cavities. The set includes:- 10 x 1m Glass Reinforced Polyester Rods. Flexi Extender. Ring End for Pushing. Hook End for Pulling.

Fast, easy access to wires and cables
For gaining access and routing cables
330 mm glass reinforced polyester rods x 10
1 x flexi extender, 1 x ring end for pushing,
1 x hook end for pulling


A good size hot glue gun with the heat up time of approximate 5 minutes,the glue can be used CORDLESS or with the power cord attachead. Come's with 6 glue sticks,3 different size glue nozzles and a glue station with drip tray.

Parkside Cordless or Mains Glue Gun


Stanley 9mtr chalk line & blue chalk powder ideal for marking out straight chalk line in blue.

Silverline  Cable Access Tool Kit

(PS:The Colour for the soldering Iron may Differ from image)

  Great for fault finding and         Testing Circuits